Hey everyone, I'm a local queer author and I thought I'd let you all know that my first featured anthology is available now...

ULTIMATE UNDIES: EROTIC STORIES ABOUT UNDERWEAR AND LINGERIE edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and Christopher Pierce is available now from Alyson Books!!! If you live in a rather big city you should be able to get it at your local bookstore, (Here in El Paso though, Barnes & Nobel will not be carrying it) if not you can definitely get it online like at amazon.com and Barnes & Nobel.com, in fact if you click on the cover below it will take you directly to amazon.com's page for it.

  I really hope you all pick up a copy and check it out, I want to know what you think of my story The Politics of Grey and how it affected you, aside from making you tighten your thighs together.

Click cover to order

Book Description

Does her teddy make you want to do anything but sleep? Do his boxer briefs bulge in all the right places and tell a story about what he'll do to you in bed? Is her lingerie enough to land her any girl in the room? Here are thirty sexy panty play stories that won't disappoint.

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Well.....now, here's a modified link for those who want to check it out by checking the picture and if u want to see my funny reviews, click the title which also works as a referal code if you subscribe for your 10 % discount.

Have a good life :)

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well, i found this community, being bored and all, trying to kill time and all, and figured since im gay and from el paso, i fit the "profile". not much else to say, id say go to my lj for a picture, but i dont really have any pictures in there... except maybe an old one from may... but i guess if anyone cares to say hi and what not, say hi, and ill comment back. ciao
PJ <3
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Hey guys! I live in El Paso and I am bi! I stummbled across your website and thought I had to join to say Hi! I just opened this journal today becuase I wanted somewhere where I could be me and express me and only me, without getting judged or criticized by friends. Just wanted to say Hi! Hope to talk to ya'll soon!!!
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